Free Rar to Zip Converter

Free Rar to Zip Converter 1.0

This application is meant to convert RAR archives to ZIP files

Free RAR to ZIP Converter is a very simple utility designed to help you convert RAR archives to a ZIP file compression format, as its title says. It's also a free app, so trying it won't cost you a thing.

At first sight, this tool might seem really attractive. It's free, it's very simple, and it does the important job of solving the compatibility issues between the two most popular archive formats on the market. Unfortunately, there's a huge problem with this tool: it doesn't work. I tried it on three different computers and every time when I pressed the “Run” button to start the actual conversion of a RAR archive to a ZIP one, the “Error: The System cannot find the file specified.” message was displayed. I tried different files and different compression methods (three modes are supported: the “store” one that doesn't compresses the file at all, it just converts it, the “normal” one, and the “best” one that uses the most powerful compression), to no avail, the error message was still displayed.

Besides the compression mode selection there are no other options and features. Free RAR to ZIP Converter is very simple and straightforward. It would have been a really easy and convenient archive solution if it actually worked. Unfortunately, until it gets fixed, if it ever gets fixed, don't waste your time downloading it.

Margie Smeer
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  • Small
  • Free
  • Simple


  • Doesn't work - displays an error message on every conversion attempt
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